Soraco has a long and specific experience in the leather world. We are consultants and suppliers of a complete range of leather and other material testing machines, suitable for any kind of test required.

We supply every sector in the leather industry, from the rawhide to the finished product; specifically, our services are addressed to tanneries, shoes and leather goods manufacturers, research centers and laboratories and other sectors as clothes, furniture, sporting goods, automotive, chemicals etc.

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leather shoes - leather testing machines

Our equipment allow to test quality levels of shoes in order to verify conformity to requested standards.

We supply manufacturers of shoes, heels, uppers and soles with:

  • suitable equipment for physical tests on shoes and their components
  • accessories for shoe machinery (consumables for press, backpart moulders, etc.)
  • information about international standards
  • technical sheets complete with standards, description, features, etc. of each instrument named in our catalogue and others on demand
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Our products

find application in many manufacturing industries

We supply laboratory equipment for physical and mechanical tests. We provide testing machines for leather, synthetic leather, fabrics, coated materials and nonwoven fabrics. We also deal with items for quality control testing laboratories of raw materials, semi finished and finished products.

Green leather

Soraco's primary field

concern machinery, accessories and spare parts for tanneries
We can assure a long and direct experience as to application and in suggesting our customers in choosing the most suitable product.
Alber bendknives

In cooperation with R. Alber

well-known manufacturer of bandknives since 1912

We offer steel blades for cutting and / or splitting.
We cover numerous application sectors of materials such as leather, paper, sheet rubber, cork and foam resins. We supply cutting and splitting steel knives covering several industries like leather, paper, rubber in sheet, cork, polyurethane, resin, etc.