abrasimetro taber a una e due stazioni


Taber Abraser is an industry standard used in the wear and durability testing of ceramics, plastics, textiles, leather, rubber, etc.

Taber abraser delivers reliable data in minutes. Used to evaluate a material’s resistance to wear, a flat
specimen is mounted to a turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis. As the turntable rotates, contact
of the specimen against the sliding rotation of two abrading wheels cause wear while a vacuum system removes loose wear debris during the test.The resulting abrasion marks forma pattern of crossed arcs in
a circular band that cover an area approximately 30 cm2

Taber abraser is referenced in more than 100 international test standards and specifications

Easy to operate, the Taber Abraser has been specified by numerous industries as the standard for wear and abrasion research, quality and process control, materials evaluation, and product development. Its field of application includes tests of painted, lacquered, powder coated, and electroplated surfaces; textile fabrics ranging from sheer silks to heavy upholstery and carpeting; solid materials such as metals, stone and ceramics; plus plastics, leather, rubber, linoleum, laminates, glass, paper, and many others.

Features :

The platform speeds 60 and 72 rpm; balanced, calibrated arms and wheel mounts; vacuum system with precision height adjustment; sealed aluminium housing with membrane control panel and digital display.


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