CESCONI abrasion tester

Cesconi abrasion tester: standards and materials

Built in accordance with Standards UNITEX 7858, UNI 4818 and UNI 2637, approved by UNIPLAST for tests of abrasion of FABRICS, Cesconi Abrasion Tester was later implemented by a device which, together with changing the mode of execution, allows the test to be performed also on other materials such as Leather, Artificial Leather, Rubber, Polyurethane, PVC and similar Standard DIN 53516.
The abradant material may be the same material to be tested, abrasive paper, cloth, bristle, nylon brushes or others.
The sample to be tested is submitted to a rubbing in all directions against the abradant so that every part of it runs continuosly variable trajectories.

– 5-digit pre-selectable revolution counter
– supplied with a set of weights from 250 gr. to 5 kg
– function panel consists of: emergency switch, reability switch line, pre-selection counter switches for test and stop
– voltage: three-phase 220 V – 50/60 Hz
Accessories (on demand): standardized wool and/or cotton abradent fabrics
Dimensions: 550 x 410 x 595 mm
Net weight: 65 kg