Autowash 11L

Laboratory unit for colour fastness assessment during washing with water and during dry cleaning. Suitable for fabrics, cloths, natural and synthetic leather. It can be used also for atmospheric dyeing up to +98°C. Built entirely in stainless steel in conformity with the main international standards.
It is characterised by high quality construction and vanguard workmanship solutions which guarantee extreme durability and reliability. The specific quick-lock fastening system of the beakers ensures an hermetic closure preventing gasket wear. The gaskets are made of a special acid-proof composite material.
Model designed to contain up to 8 interchangeable beakers of either 550 cc or 1200 cc for colour fastness testing, depending on the specific standard (European or American) in use. Programmable thermo-regulator for temperature control increase within 1.5°C and 2.0°C.
Dual speed selection: 40 rpm (as requested by the standards for colour fastness) and 22 rpm (for dyeing tests). The 22 rpm speed makes it easier the handling of the beakers during the sample loading/removal procedure as well as the stoppage of the beakers in the desired position.

International standards
UNI EN ISO 105 C06, UNI EN ISO 105 C08, UNI EN ISO 105 C09, UNI EN ISO 105 C10, UNI EN ISO 105 C12, UNI EN ISO 105 D01, UNI EN ISO 105 E03, UNI EN ISO 105 E12; UNI EN ISO 105 X05, UNI EN ISO 11643, IUF 434, BS 1006, AATCC 61-1A, AATCC 61-2A, AATCC 61-3A, AATCC 61-4A, AATCC 61-5A, AATCC 86, AATCC 132, AATCC 151, AATCC 190; NEXT TM 2.