Spalmatrice da banco

Laboratory bench-top machine suitable for impregnation and coating of finishing products, application of oils and waxes on leather and similar products such as man-made and bonded leather, unwoven fabrics, etc.

The machine can be used also for the finishing and coating of fabrics, paper and on any other material on reels. A  stainless steel, height-adjustable blade allows the ideal thickness of coating to be attained with a micron accuracy. Next drying of coated sample is made through direct transfer of the sample holder rack to the Lab Dryer mod.106.


  • Stainless Steel unit
  • Material holder rack with pins, with adjustable slider,  size  mm 450 x  450
  • Telescopic material holder rack with pins, two adjustable sliders along two axes, size 450 x 450 mm
  • Minimum coating thickness  adjustment  0,01 mm
  • Material holder rack with pins  interchangeable with Lab Dryer  mod.106
  • Overall dimensions 650(L) x 550(D) x 400(H) mm
  • Net Weight 40 kg

Laboratory dryer model 106

Laboratory  dryer to dry, fix and vulcanize samples after dyeing and impregnation.
Hand operated unit complete with two sample setting tables, size  450 x 450 mm and timer.
Adjustable temperature up to 230°C