The Cabinet turn little drum AM 2001 allows to perform all operations usually made in tannery with traditional drums such as vegetable and chrome tannage, syntan, retannage, dyeing, neutralization and stuffing of any kind of hides and skins with accurate temperature adjustment inside the system.
Samples to be treated must have a suitable size to be determined according to the thickness of leather in order to assure the specimen will be equally shaked.
Drum rotation speed and temperature must be set according to the process to execute and to leather type, this being easily obtainable thanks to the electronic control panel which controls the times of forward and back rotations, possible stop time, partial and total rotation times, set and control of temperature inside the drum, and revolution number.
A control panel allows to set the working cycles. Every cycle is composed by several running times: forward rotation of the drum, break-time, backward rotation time, total working time further to temperature setting, drum speed and drum diameter. Also internal temperature and elapsed time can be read on the panel display.
Each time can be set by the operator in a different way for any cycle; in this way the operator may choose one of set process so avoiding to program the machine every time.
Interval of rotation : from 1′ to many hours
Speed : 3 to 40 revolution per minute
The machine is heated by stainless steel finned resistances.
Drums are available in different sizes, the size must be chosen according to type of leather and the process to carry out.
Stainless steel drum, a side made in transparent lexan with quick locking and vent plug 90mm diam.
Standard dimensions: (diam.x height) 250x115cm, 350x135cm, 400x200cm.
Mod. AM 2001 is prepared to house maximum five drums having diameter 250 mm or 350 mm.
For bigger drums whose diameters is up to 440 mm, mod.AM 2002 is manufactured.