Lame a nastro per il taglio e spaccatura di vari materialiOriginal ALBER knives, manufactured in Germany since 1912, are perfect to cut and split the following materials:

  • Rubber
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Foams
  • Cork
  • Tissue and Paper

The types of manufactured bandknives (smooth, toothed) together with a large range of thicknesses  (starting from 0,50 mm up to 1,5 mm) and widths (few millimiters up to 120 mm) allows to satisfy the most different requirement. They are used in cutting machines: Fecken & Kirfel, Camre, Fabio Perini, Futura Converting, OMT, CMG , Tissuewell and in splitting machines makes: AlpeSpak, Mosconi, Rizzi, Linta, CSM, Mercier, Turner, Poletto, Fecken & Kirfel.

The main features of these bandknives are:

  • regular, quick and precise splitting
  • longer lasting and complete use of the knife with no waste
  • fewer replacements of knives so reducing  machinery stops
  • increased quality of  finished product thanks to cut and thickness  precision
  • high steel quality assures longer grinding lasting

For application in splitting machines, particularly Fecken & Kirfel, they are made in ground, tempered special steel with tungsten carbide 0,1 mm thick, rectified: complete serie, composed by the Jaws Plates working zone and Jaws Plates grinding zone.