Dinamometri Elettronici Marte Jupiter


The electronic dynamometer is an item of equipment that uses the most recent technology in order to carry out tests in a reliable manner that is comfortable for the operator.

The fact that this item of equipment is sophisticated does not mean that is complicated to use.

In fact the opposite is true, ease of all aspects of use was one of the targets that we set for ourselves when developing this equipment, in order to facilitate its use by a wide range of operators. The ability to be operated using several languages, plus the fact that remote access to the test database can be gained through the internet, enables real time operations hitherto unthinkable for this type of equipment.


The main purpose of the electronic dynamometer is to measure loads and displacements and related these in a suitable way, given that a certain displacement will logically correspond to a specific force and vice-versa.
The machine is composed basically of three main units, the dynamometer itself, the computer hardware and the software.


Has two jog buttons that are used to move the bridge manually in order to allow the fitting of tools and to put them at the desired distance. Bridge movement with these buttons is done with ramps to get better sensitivity regarding the approximation to the objective.
The movement limiters on the right hand side of the column are to limit the bridge displacement, acting as emergency protectors to prevent damage to the tools and load cells; the jaws are fixed to the dynamometer by fixing bolts on the upper and lower adaptors; the main switch on the control console is the dynamometer power system switch. The enable button is the button is the button that activates the displacement and force reading system. This button should always be activated when the dynamometer power is switched on or after an emergency situation has occured.

Computer system

This is a conventional last generation system with a basic configuration of a PC, a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and a colour printer.


The software for this application runs under the LINUX operating system and is divided into two components: Inolabdyn – dynamometer management software and Mozilla – Internet browser and database access.
Inolabdyn software has been developed specifically to work with the dynamometer. The results of each test, as well as the test methods, standards are respective calculations are stored in the database of Mozilla.
Mozilla is an Internet browser that allows external access to system, enabling authorised external entitles to have access to the past test database and also allowing remote technical assistance.
The dynamometers are supplied with the minimum databases already created. Users can introduced new data at a later stage. If necessary, full support will be provided for preparing new test method and respective calculations.