Flame resistance tester EL-93flame resistance testerFlame resistance tester: a new flammability assessment system

This instrument allows testing the ignition and flame propagation properties of fabrics, technical fabrics, general clothing, protective clothing, leather, curtains, children’s toys, pajamas etc. according to several International Standards.

The flame resistance tester is fitted with a precision and adjustable gas burner, interchangeable to meet a wide range of standards. Several specimen holders can be installed, in different positions (vertical and 45º) and mounting solutions, to meet a wide range of standards and applications, resulting in a highly versatile flammability testing system.


  • Textile fabrics – Burning behavior – Determination of ease of ignition of vertically oriented specimens ISO 6940:2004
  • Textile fabrics – Burning behavior – Measurement of flame spread properties of vertically oriented specimens ISO 6941:2003
  • Protective clothing – Protection against flame – Method of test for limited flame spread ISO 15025:2016
  • Footwear for firefighters EN 15090:2012


For further information please download the technical sheet.