EL-15 EL-15F

Determine the propensity for materials to crack or otherwise fail at flexing creases and assess whether leathers are likely to produce salt spue, this machine simulates conditions in the Vamp part of footwear during walking. This test is applicable to all flexible materials and in particular, those used to manufacture outers and linings of footwear uppers such as leathers and coated fabrics.

The flexometer Vamp is equipped with 12 workstations; each station has a fixed and a movable clamp. Each test sample is fixed along and under clamps contained within the apparatus, which are positioned in an inverted V shape, so that the material to be tested has an identical configuration. These clamps are spaced, apart and perform a stroke of 19 mm in a constant back and forth motion, producing a similar wrinkling effect to that formed on a shoe’s upper during the use of the footwear.

Model EL-15F with cold chamber is available on request to adjust the test temperature up to -25°C (standard) or -30°C (on request).