Fogging tester Permatherm is the heating system for examination of fogging behavior in accordance to DIN 75201*.

Norm defines the examination of fogging behavior of raw material used as interior in automobiles.
If the material is leather, the capacity, if heated, to emit substances that form a layer of light fog on the windshield of the car.
Quality of fogging tester’s accessories like beaker and glass plates as well as cleaning are very deciding for the reproduction of result.

Before 2013 only oil bath devices were allowed to carry the fogging test out with
In 2013 the norm was expanded so that a dry heating device (like Barkey fogging tester Permatherm) could also be used to carry out the fogging test.


Fogging tester Permatherm main featuers

  • Fogging tester according to DIN 75201
  • Almost every OEM standard can be tested with Barkey Permatherm
  • Dry anti-fogging temperature adjustment – no oil
  • A cooling device of choice can be connected to fogging tester
  • All necessary accessories are available

What is part of the delivery?
Permatherm, 1 carrying frame, Minichiller (optional), 1 positioning frame, 6 O-rings, 6 glass plates, 6 cooling plates, 6 glass beakers

*The norm describes how to carry out the fogging test only (FOG).
In order to analyze the characteristics of each material apply norm VDA 278 (MS/GC) (VOC).