This new glazing machine for exotic or reptile leathers has the best technologic innovation added to the still valid connecting rod system with reciprocating motion of the previous machines.

The main and innovative features are:

  • Closing of the working board with pneumatic pistons to consent a firm closing with a pressure of 8 – 10 Atm and a springy closing with less pressure in base of the working process.
  • Electronic proportional pedal board to close the machine with double function: on the first mode, it increases the number of the strokes of the stone per minute in proportion of the pressure working on it; on the second mode, it set motion a predetermined number of strokes apart from the pressure on it.
  • Electronic intrinsical safe system in order to reveal the presence of the operator’s hand.
  • The big working board is adjustable in height as much as one likes. It is possible to assemble a semirigid wooden board or an elastic board in steel and gum depending on the working requirements. It is also possible to tilt longitudinally the board as much as one likes.
  • Working stone easy to replace, transversally adjustable in case of particular working processes or cone-shaped wear of stone.
    Variable number of strokes per minute of the working stone.
  • Accurate study in ergonomics and for the working position in order to reduce the operator’s weariness to a minimum.