Grinding wheels for grinding of elicoidal blades (shaving m/c) or bandknives (splitting m/c).
1. Abrasive : Corundum
Code – A96 :purity 96%, grey color
Code – A98 :purity 97%-98%, light grey colour
Code – A99 B e BS :purity 99,5% , white colour
2. Grain : the most common grains are between 46 and 54 (medium range)
Bigger grains are available on demand,( for ex. 24,30, 36) as well as finer ones 60, 80,etc.
3. Hardness : the most employed in leather industry vary from “very soft”(F-G) to “soft”
(I, J, K) or to “medium hardness”( M,N,O)
4. Structure : it is meant the spacing or the distance between the various abrasive granules ,
“medium structure” (5-6-7) or “open structure” ( 8-9 ) are the most common in tannery machines.
5. Bonding agent whose aim is to assemble the different granules in order to form a compact abrasive.
Two are the main forms of bonding agent : inorganic (vetrified) without expiry date and organic (resinoid), with expiry.
Available in all dimensions for any machines.

More detailed information on demand .