Pneumatic hammer model Robur/S

New and powerful version of pneumatic hammer that replaces previous model Robur now out of production.

Technical details
– Monobloc structure in special alloy.
– Hammer suitable for marking and/or punching all kind of leather (cattle, goat, sheep, etc.) at any stage of working; for pelt pickles, wet-blue and in crust leather.
– Punching dimensions for letters and/or numbers mm. 20 x 10.
– All letters and numbers available.
– Total power: kg 1200/1300
– Weight: kg 9 about.
– Size: mm. 350 x 150 x 150

Standard Robur/S: it is possible to mark with 6 letters and/or numbers only.

Manual hammer

Suitable for occasional use, it is manufactured at 4 digits only.