abrasimetro taber lineare

This Abraser has been designed to test both shaped and flat surfaces in order to evaluate finished
products of all sizes. Thanks to the optional accessories, different types of abrasion tests can be
performed. It can be used for wet and dry tests.

Taber Linear Abraser Description

The Linear Abraser Taber has a free floating head to follow the shape of every kind of sample.
For information on the operation, you can view the video at the following link: link.

The instrument includes six preset speed buttons, along with the ability to adjust the speed from 2 to 75 beats per minute. Eleven stroke lengths from 0.2 to 4.0 inches are standard.
The load of the arm is 350 g. Three 250 g disks are included and 10 to 250 g disks can be added as an option to increase the test load up to approximately 2100 g.

Optional accessories can also be used to decrease the load.

The Taber Linear Abraser is programmable for 999,999 cycles, but it is recommended to proceed with caution as the abrasive can be worn before the end of the test.
An additional splined shaft can be supplied on request, allowing two tests to be carried out simultaneously with the same linear abraser.