dinamometro std 172
This instrument has been designed to measure the strength and stretch of a variety of shoe materials with an accuracy that is sufficient for many of the requirements of the shoe manufacturer. It is easy to use and simple to read the load and extension values. The instrument is suitable for testing most shoe materials if the load does not need to exceed 150 lb or 75 kg and the extension 100%.
The machine can also be used for the Baumann tear test conforming to Standard ISO 3377-2, IUP 8 with optional jaws STD 172ST to be ordered separately.
In use, a strip of the material being tested is clamped between two jaws, initially four inches (10 cm) apart, which are separated by a hand drive so as to apply increasing tension. One jaw is fixed to a cantilever beam. The deflection of the end of the beam is proportional to the applied load and is measured by a dial gauge calibrated to give the load directly. The dial gauge is fitted with a maximum-reading device to make it easy to measure breaking loads. The second jaw moves over a scale which gives the extension as a percentage.