Conventional analogue bench-top gauge graduated in 0,01mm.
SG 300 is designed to be held in either hand, leaving the other free to insert the material to be checked.
The exclusive frame presents the dial indicator in the line of sight of the operator consequently providing the optimum reading position; dial can be read without tilting the instrument and without danger of error due to parallax.
The triangular shaped frame is ergonomically designed to give perfect balance and is able to measure soft materials to a greater depth rolling it in the space. Throat depth is 300 mm.
The strong frame confers increased consistency of performance over long time use.
All units have a calibration certificate. Calibration through electronic testing equipment is more precise and allows the gauge to be reset to original parameters.
Additionally the base of the frame can be bench mounted (with optional clamp) or to stand upright when not in use.
SG 300 compliance to international standard ISO 2589:2002 (Measurement of Thickness of portable equipment) is close but not complete, as on SG 300 the anvil is at a slight angle (not flat horizontal) as set out in the standard. This makes very little difference to results obtained; the gauge has a maximum variation from the ISO standard of only 0,03 mm.
SG 300 Digital version offers two major features not found on the analogue version:
• digital displayed figures to within 0,01mm
• statistical analysis of measurement taken
The gauge features a USB interface connection to a computer for data manipulation and storage. Optional: Software for direct connection of SG 300 to a computer and send the instrument readings to many Windows application programs.
Now available wireless capabilities for transmission of measurement values from each gauge directly to PC! Read below for further details.
Technical Specifications
Measuring range : 0-25mm
Resolution : 0,01mm
Accuracy : 5?m
Measuring Units : Metric or Imperial ( mm or inch – true conversion)
Display : LCD 6 digits in mm (7 in inch), minus sign (-), unit and operating mode displayed, height of digits 8,5mm.
Power supply: 1 Lithium battery, 3V type CR2032, capactity 190mAh, consumption 40?A
Battery life : 2 years with normal use (2000 work hours per year).When “B” is displayed the remaining battery life is slightly more than 1 day.
Working Temperature : +5 a +40°C
Output : direct RS 232-C
Interface : RS 232 compatible interface cable with opto-electronic coupler.
Weight: 1,3 kg


Wireless transmission of measurement values from each gauge directly to PC is now possible using the latest development in interface technologies.
Equipment comprises a radio module that fits into the RS 232 connector on the digital dial indicator
and a receiver that connects via a port to your PC (supplied with software).
Communication may be set up to 120 gauges and with a maximum transmission distance of up to 200 m.The transmission of a measurement value is triggered simply by pressing the data key on the gauge module.An audible tone and visible light confirms a successful data transmission. Special data coding betweeen the PC and the gauge radio module guarantees absolute data security.
• user-friendly
• full data security
• long transmitter battery life
• lond transmission distance
• CE and FCC approval
• audible/visible transmission confirmation
• individually programmable
• up 120 transmitters per receiver
• allows integration into SPC software