This test machine is used to asses the water vapour permeability for use with all types of leather.
The leather sample is clamped across the mouth of a bottle which contains a solid desiccant, and is kept in a rapid current of air in a conditioned room. The air within the bottle is circulated by keeping the desiccant in motion. The bottle is weighted periodically to determine the mass of vapour transmitted through the leather and absorbed by the desiccant.
The apparatus is composed by the following elements:
– six bottles with a circular opening in the cap having the same diameter as the interior wall
– a bottle holder in the shape of a disc which is rotated by an electric motor.
– a fan mounted in front of the mouths of the bottles and consisting of three flat blades in planes that are inclined at 120° to one another.

Standards: IUP 15, SATRA TM172, EN ISO 20344:6.6, EN 13515, EN ISO 14268, EN 420:6.3