This equipment is used to assess the abrasion of elastometers subject to wear by abrasive action.
The abrasion machine basically consists of a laterally movable test piece holder and a rotable cylinder to which a specified abrasive cloth is fixed.
The diameter of the cylinder is 150 mm ±0,2 mm and the frequency of rotation 40 ±1 Rpm.
The test piece holder consists of a cylindrical opening, the diameter of which can be adjusted and has a device for adjusting the lenght of the test piece protruding from the opening to 2 mm ±0,2 mm. The test piece holder is mounted on a swivel arm, the center axis of the holder has an inclination of 3° to the perpendicular in the direction of rotation and the centre of the test piece to be abraded shall lie within 1 mm directly above the longitudinal axis to cylinder. The test piece is pressed against the abrasive cloth with a force of 10±0,2 N (optionally 5±0,1 N – for investigation of extremely soft materials) or 20 ±0,4 N (for investigation of extremely hard materials) and the lateral displacement is approximately 4,2 mm ±0,04 per revolution of the cylinder, so that test piece is only traversed four times across the same area of the abrasive cloth. The test automatically stops at the end of the abrasion distance.
The control panel is placed at one side of the machine and possesses three buttons with function of: Test; Start and Stop.

This version has the possibility to perform the test with rotating test piece holder to accomplish ASTM D5963 standard.