The wear objects in contact with the skin depends very much on nature and shape of the objects and the activities of the person concerned.
The intention of this test is to produce a time-dependent wear and corrosion which can be related to the duration of a coating in normal use. By its nature this is pragmatic solution to the problems posed by the evaluation of coated items which are in contact with the skin, and which may be subject to several kinds of wear.
This EN 12472:2005 European Standard describes a method for accelerated wear and corrosion, to be used for the detection of nickel release from coated items, that come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin. The items to be tested are exposed to a corrosive atmosphere before being placed into a container (thumbling barrel with retaining assembly) together with abrasive chips, and wetting agent. The container is rotated so as to subject the test pieces to friction from the mass of abrasive chips. The front command panel has four buttons with the functions: POWER, START, STOP and EMERGENCY. It’s also installed one digital meter to program the testing time.
Relevant consumables have to be ordered according to Standards to comply with.
Note: This equipment is optimized to use with accessories for footwear, other applications upon request.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: EN 12472:2005
Accessories (on demand): abrasive chips and paste (EN 12472)
Power consumption: 300 W
Noise: 60 db
Power supply: 230 VAC – 50/60 Hz