EL-71 Martindale

The present equipment Martindale abrasion tester is intended to determine resistance of a material to wet and dry abrasion

The instrument is mainly applicable to fabrics, coated fabrics and leathers but it can be used with any flexible sheet material used for footwear, clothing, gloves and many other products.

Certain elements of the equipment (test base and weight of the specimen-holders), due to differences in the standards specifications are not common to all the test methods referred above, so it is necessary to combine different elements that are properly identified in agreement with standards to which intend to execute the tests as we will explain in full detail in the ‘Operative procedure’.

This Martindale abrasion tester is equipped with 4 workstations allowing to test 4 test specimens simultaneously.

Also available in the version with 9 stations (EL-71/9)

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity / calibration certificate, press knife, test weights, sample holders, 2,5 kg max

Standards: EN ISO 20344: 6.12; UNI EN 13520:2006; UNI EN ISO 12947-2:2017; ISO 17704:2004; SATRA TM31: Method A

Power consumption: 400 W

Noise: 60 dB

Power supply: 230 V.AC – 50/60 Hz

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