The SO76 bench spectrophotometer is an extremely precise reference instrument for a digital and reliable workflow and for error-free measurements.

Process Control for Perfect Color. From concept through dyeing to manufacturing of the final product, color fidelity across the entire supply chain is the optimal goal in the textile and apparel industries. In a world where textiles and apparel are manufactured on an increasingly distributed and global basis, it can be challenging to ensure consistent color throughout the entire supply chain. Using next-generation color measurement instruments will ensure that specifications and tolerances are met. Right the first time. Precise, Consistent Sample Measurement The next-generation Benchtop Spectrophotometer SO76, the cost effective compatible version.
Multi-aperture design to accommodate measurement of complicated samples. Automated instrument set-up with easy-to-use software takes the guesswork out of instrument configuration and eliminates potential for error. Pre-load your custom job settings and reduce the learning curve for operators. The SO76 easy to read LED screen ensures operator ease of use. It comes with up to five apertures and automated UV filters for the utmost in measurement flexibility. The measurement lens zooms automatically when the aperture is changed.