EasyCo 566 enables a high level of precise measurements with additional possibility of visual reproduction of a color on a screen, with excellent authenticity. EasyCo 566 represents a new generation of color measuring instrument in the family of colorimeters. It offers a dramatically improved achievement potential, with an excellent price-performance ratio – even only a split of the price for a spectrophotometer – with a measuring precision already during its development process quite near to results of several spectrophotometers parallelly used for comparison. The comfortable and lightweight EasyCo 566 has a robust, splash-proof (acc. to IP 24) plastic housing, in the proven handy shape size like a computer mouse. The data transfer to the concerned computer chosen by the user is carried out directly & simple via Bluetooth. Additionally, there is no previous knowledge around the color measurement matter necessary!
EasyCo 566 offers the user a variety of applications: For the automotive industry or the lacquer and paint manufacturers – and processors, as well as for nearly any other field where compliance with an exact color specification is important. EasyCo knows no boundaries first and enables the user to hit the target in an exact manner.