EL-73 EL-73M

This test determines the degree of colour which may be transferred from the surface of coloured textile materials to other surfaces by rubbing. It is applicable to textiles made from any fibre either yarn and fabric, either dyed, printed or otherwise coloured.
As washing, dry cleaning, and finishing etc. may affect the degree of colour transference, the test may be made before or after any such treatment.
A coloured test specimen is clamped and is rubbed, under controlled conditions, against a white crocking cloth.
Colour transferred to the crocking cloth is assessed with a suitable Grey Scale.
Two versions available:
– Hand driven mod. EL-73
– Motor driven mod. EL-73 M
Supplied with: operating instructions; conformity/calibration certificare
Standards: ISO 105-X12; BS 1006- X12; SATRA TM 167