xenon test sunlight tester


Xenon test Sunlight tester for accelerated light stability and weathering tests.

Xenon Sunlight Tester offers constant measurement and control of irradiance during every test

A weathering tester must control irradiance if it is to achieve accurate and reproducible test results. Irradiance is the rate at which light energy falls onto the samples.
Radiant energy in the Sunlight Tester is provided by a single superior air-cooled Xenon Lamp generating an irradiance level up to two times the sun one.
Lamp and UV filter aging is compensated via a closed loop irradiance narrow-band sensor control system.
Irradiance uniformity is guaranteed by a parabolic reflector chamber with the Xenon lamp in the focus.

Equipped with a superior air-cooled Xenon lamp, 280 mm filter, sensor system for constant irradiance control up to a max. value of 1100 W / mq., digital timer for test time setting up to 999 hours, lamp life timer (1500 hours), removable specimen holder.
Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz.

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