SPECIAL CHROME LEATHER for cushions, very soft and moldable, heat and wear resistant , manufactured in thicknesses 2mm – 2,5mm – 3mm and in following types:
External surface ‘SILICON’ to prevent sticking and to confer smoothness -WHITE OR ORANGE COLOUR.
Both are supplied in croupons or rectangles in requested sizes.
RUBBER SHEET for cushions in following types:
BLACK RUBBER soft and resistant to 130° C available in two types :
– ‘STANDARD’ -thicknesses 2mm – 2,5mm – 3mm
– ‘CARBOGUM’ fine mix quality, higher features and long lasting.Mirror-like surface Thickness 3mm (NEW!)
NATURAL RUBBER, softer and more elastic than black rubber but with reduced heat resistance ( maximum to 80 / 90° C ). Thicknesses 2 mm – 3 mm.
ELASTIC RED RUBBER, 2,5mm thick, particularly appreciated for its elasticity and its physical and mechanical features.
All rubber types are made in rolls, 10 m x 1500 mm wide or in rectangles of requested sizes.
These are leather/rubber coupled rectangles of our production for cushions. There are various choices :
– Leather : in types 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
– Rubber : in types 2.2.1 and 2.2.2
– Leather and Rubber thickness : to be specified
– Sizes : Any requested size.
FOAM TEFLON SHEET (NEW PRODUCT!!!): New material having special properties of flexibility and versatility. White colour , thicknesses 2mm – 3mm or others on demand.
NON WOVEN FABRIC ‘YELLOW’: resistant to 240° C , designed as heat insulating to replace asbestos. Available in rolls 1050mm wide.