TEFLON: Glass fabric impregnated with Teflon used as non-stick in hot presses.
Available with following specifications:
– thicknesses : 0,13mm and 0,25 mm
– rolls 20/30 m
– width 1000mm and over
– types : adhesive (one side) or non-adhesive
BEATED 100% WOOL FELTS in following types:
P1 density 280, white colour
K1 density 360 , white colour
Available in thickness 5mm or 10mm,others on demand and also sheets whose dimensions to be specified according to thickness and type.
CASE HARDENING TEFLON: Standard thickness 1,5 mm, width 1200 mm.
Sheet size 1000mm – 2000mm – 3000mm. Other size on demand.
SILICON SHEETS available in following types:
– Colour: transparent or red
– Rolls: width 1500mm x 10 m
– Thickness : 1mm – 2mm – 3mm and over
LEATHER JAWS for ‘Calzera’ machines. Manufacture is subject to the supply of the moulds.
PARCHMENT ROLLS for circular cutters (strip cutters) , manufactured on demand.