These durometers allow to perfom repetitive lab tests even of very large specimen to check hardness
Shore in A and D degrees. Using the operating stand in conjunction with a durometer eliminates the operator error sometimes associated with portable durometer thus assuring reliable results.
The durometer is clamped to the operating stand so ensuring that it is pressed plane-parallel to the material under test, on which is applied a force of 12,5 ± 0,5 N for Shore A durometer and 50 ± 0,5 N for Shore D ones.
Operating stand features:
– support basis with parallelism adjustment;
– handle to raise the test table;
– adjustable durometer attachment system;
– stainless steel test table and attachment system;
– attachment system with height adjustment;
– suitable load to exert the pressure required according to the hardness scale
Model EL-21T has a timer for automatic setting of contact time.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: DIN 53 505, ISO 868
Power supply:not required

Type (Shore)


A Soft rubber, natural rubber, by-products, neoprene, polyester leather, soft PVC, felt, wax, etc.
D Hard rubber, plastics, hard synthetic materials, vynil, etc.
B Rubber, elastomers
C Medium hardness, plastics
DO Rubbered fabrics, medium hardness engraving rollers
O Rubbered fabrics,low hardness engraving rollers, silicone
OO Foam rubber, very soft rubber, silicone