The main purpose of this test equipment is to evaluate the comfort of the complete footwear, to perform this evaluation is measured the ‘Longitudinal stiffness of footwear’ (SATRA TM194) and also ‘Torsional stiffness of footwear’ (SATRA TM256). The test methods are applicable to all types of footwear expected to flex during wear.
‘Longitudinal stiffness of footwear’ (SATRA TM194):
The force required to flex the footwear to an angle representing a 50° flex of the foot or the maximum angle that can be achieved without exceeding a critical bending moment is determined. The longitudinal stiffness of the footwear is then calculated using either the force applied or the flex angle that is achieved.
‘Torsional stiffness of footwear’ (SATRA TM256):
The test specimen is twisted along its length to a fixed angle of twist. The moment required to twist the test specimen is recorded as a measure of the torsional stiffness.
The machine is supplied complete with software and IT hardware (last generation Pentium computer, TFT monitor, keyboard, mouse).

Supplied with: software and IT hardware (Pentium computer and pheriphericals) operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: SATRA TM194; SATRA TM256
Power consumption: 400 W
Noise: 60 db
Power supply: 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz