Double diaphragm pump used for chemicals supply to spray guns in paint spraying plants and machines for roller finishing (Roller coating machines ).
• self-priming pumps, easy operation, safe, mistake-proof notwithstanding dry-operating
• all components in touch with the pumped pigment are stainless steel
• Low compressed air consumption, quick colour change, constant pigment flow notwithstanding viscosity, continuous stirring of liquid to be pumped.
• Pump body :aluminium
• Valves : nylon
• Motor Diaphragm :special rubber
• Pump diaphragm : Teflon
• Maintenance and lubrication not required; hermetically sealed, do not present ball bearings nor airtight components.
• Nr.3-piece suction/delivery connection
• Pressure ratio Delivery/feeding is 1:1
• Capacity regulation : easy operating through the inlet air
• Flow rate adjustable from 0 to 28 l/min
• Suction / Delivery connections: 1/2″ Gas
• Air inlet /exhaust : 1/4″ Gas
• Air outflow: Silenced/separated
• Suction height: 4 m. dry with PTFE diaphragm – 7 m. wet
• Max solid particle Ø : 2,6mm
• Weight: 6 kg