New pumps, which replace ‘old’ serie PM (PM120 = ZIP52).
Air powered double diaphragm pump; designed to transfer and to pump fluid products including corrosive, abrasive and high-viscosity materials.
‘Runner’ air motor: expressly engineered to reduce air consumption and to achieve high performances with the maximum reliability; requires no additional lubrification, suffers from no freezing problems. Over-pressure safety valve integrated into ‘Runner’ air motor. Anti-stall air pilot valve, pre-assembled and easy to replace. Operates at minimal pressures thanks to low internal friction. Low noise level with integrated silencer. Easy connection to a digital flow counter.
High chemical compatibility thanks to PTFE O-Rings. Reinforced diaphragms for extended life. High efficiency even with high-viscosity fluids thanks to large parts in reduced spaces. No leakage of fluids: the Pump is totally bolted and only 1 tool is needed to dismantle it. 36 options for suction and delivery connection.