Conveyor-belts employed in Roller Coating machines having following aims and performances:
– to spread and convey skins to the coating roller
– to compensate thickness unevenness of the processed skins
– to face the aggressive action of the leather finishing products (varnishes, dressings, oils,resins, solvents,thinners,etc.)
– Very good mechanical and wear resistance
– Soft, elastic and external surface with a very good friction coefficient
– Precise and straight running
– Long life

• Jointless conveyor
• Textile casing composed by 2 layers (standard) or by 3 for heavy loads and widths larger than 2000mm, made of high tenacity synthetic fabrics .
• Inner running side is rubber coated to assure a correct traction coefficient
• Twice ground thickness
• Rubber outer cover : the choice is mostly affected by the wanted resistance to the chemicals used (see below).
• Standard rubber hardness (outer cover ) is 35° Shore A, softer on demand (up to 20° Sh.A)
• Dimensions : up to max.width 3200 mm , any length.

P1: Universal cover for water varnishes, aromatic solvents, oils and waxes. Available hardness from 32° Shore A. Thickness starting from 10 mm up to 13 mm.
P2: Cover suitable for varnishes with ketonic solvent. Available hardness from 32 Shore A.
Thickness starting from 10mm up to 13mm.
P3: Special cover suitable for water varnishes, aromatic solvents, oils and waxes. Available at low hardnesses (20° Shore). Available thickness : 14 mm.