This equipment is intended to measure the rigidity of the complete footwear, to determine if it should be subjected to the ‘Bennewart’ flexing test.
The machine is equipped with the following components:
– metal hinged table fixed to the machine structure;
– adjustable clamping device to fix the forepart of the footwear to the solid static base;
– suitable sensor to acquire the force;
– a force digital display (in Newtons)
After properly clamped the test specimen (whole shoe) is subjected to a force of 30 N applied to the plane of the hinged table at a distance of 315 mm. from the centre of the hinge. The flexed angle is then read and for footwear whose angle under the applied force is lower than 45° from the horizontal should not be subjected to the flexing test.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: EN ISO 20344:8.4, EN ISO 17707:2005
Power consumption: 200 W
Power supply: 220 V.AC – 50/60 Hz