Safeguard Lab 94E

This safeguard Lab, supplied with its stand, is the unique safety test instrument that provides a means to accurately measure how safe accessories are attached in a product. It is also used to compare a variety of accessories from different vendors in the process from product design to production so that we can safe guard our consumers.
It is a simple but effective design mainly consisting of a high precision gauge, a sturdy stand and special grips/clamps. It requires very little training. A sample required by standards & regulations is to be fixed horizontally (constant force is applied to secure the sample) so that snap or other accessories attached in fabric can be clamped into.
Moreover, a standard weight is also offered so that it can be regularly checked if it meets the safety requirements.
Standards Reference
EN71, JAPAN Product Liability Law, ASTM F963, M&S P115A (for snap), P115 (for button), ASTM D4846-96 and many others.