AIRCOM has been designed a volumetric spray gun with a high air capacity and a low outgoing pressure: “AIRCOM”® AB HVLP. This spray gun has been purposely studied to meet the market need of obtaining high coatings, due to the fact that it gives the opportunity to reduce the number of the pigment passages.
“AIRCOM”® AB HVLP has the characteristic of being an High Volume Low pressure spray gun. “AIRCOM”® AB HVLP is characterised by a double air adjustment separated for the spray head (EST.) and for the nozzle (INT.).
It is also possible to supply a second version of this spray gun, named:
“AIRCOM”® AB HVLP/2, characterised of having, in addition to the pigment in fitting, a second fillet for the cleaning fluid.
Moreover, when there’s the need of verifying the real atomisation pressure, it’s possible to order a model of “AIRCOM”® AB HVLP equipped with an incorporated manometer. Main advantages of this spray gun are: a better transfer efficiency of the pigment, which leads to a reduced over spray leak and to a reduced pollution; a sensitive cut on the air consumption, and a decreasing of the frequency of the filters cleaning. Available nozzle diameters mm : 0,8 – 1,0 – 1,2 – 1,5.
For corrosive liquid spray requirements, inner components involved with the liquid transit may be supplied in stainless steel upon request
Pump pressure : 0.5 ÷ 1.0 Bar
Spray gun weight : 1,241 Kg.
In order to get the best performance of the spray gun, it is advisable the air pipes(from the compressor to the distributor) have mm 20/25 diameter; further an high precision regulator of inlet air pressure has to be placed together with a 30lt air tank after the regulator, should the compressor have lower capacity in respect to the air consumption of spray guns.
Personalize your spray gun
For Resalers or spraying machine Manufacturers, we can personalize the spray guns, free of charge, with a name, code or other, at customer’s choice, printing it on the spray gun body.
Number of digits can be from 4 digits of a certain large size, up to 6 digits (smaller size).