This model of automatic gun solves the problems of those Customers who, for the particular type of workings, need to spray a very low amount of pigment associated to an high atomizaton of the product in order to obtain effects of high quality. The main advantages found in the daily use of this product are a sensitive improvement of the transfer efficiency of the varnish and a greater spray heads cleaning (for the tanning field, in the case of very thin skins any type of fluttering is avoided on the spraying carpet). Spray gun AIRCOM® BP is characterized from a double air regulation, separated for spray head and for the nozzle that allows, therefore, to act separately both on the atomization air and the fan air. Spay gun BP is characterized by the golden color of its body, obtained with a surface treatment of anodization, also profitable as a repair coating against eventual corrosive elements. At the same time of AIRCOM BP a particular spray head with 14 holes has been projected: the “Z-I”. Head types : Z-I (the most suitable), K-I, N-I, T-I, W-I (see table)
Available nozzle diameters mm : 0,8 – 1,0 – 1,2 – 1,5.
For corrosive liquid spray requirements, inner components involved with the liquid transit may be supplied stainless upon request.
Pump pressure : 0.8 ÷ 1.0 Atm
Spray gun weight :1,124 Kg.
Personalize your spray gun
For Resalers or spraying machine Manufacturers, we can personalize the spray guns , free of charge, with a name, code or other, at customer’s choice, printing it on the spray gun body.
Number of digits can be from 4 digits of a certain large size, up to 6 digits ( smaller size).