spessimetri tascabili

Pocket size model for high precision measurement of leather, artificial leather, coated and unwoven materials.

The pocket dial gauges J-12 and J-45 are lightweight and handy. Solidly made they have a wide application for measuring accurately within their measuring ranges.

Reading 0,01 mm
Range 8 mm (J-12) – 10 mm (J-45)
Range per revolution 1 mm
Bezel diam. 12 mm
Depth of throat 12 mm (J-12) – 45 mm (J-45)
Accuracy according toworks standards DIN 878 hysteresis fu however not checked
Standard contact 6,35 mm diam. plane
Optional contacts spherical, (10 mm diam. plane and convex for J-45 only)

Analogue and digital gauges
Thickness gauges are used for measuring the thickness of a very wide range of materials such as leather, paperboard, non-woven, paper, felt, rubber,glass, sheet, metals, films and plastics. The shape of the contact should be adapted to the material being measured.
Following contact sizes apply only to some models K – J – JD.

It converts some gauges designed for hand-held use to table models.
Stand for some models as K-50, K-100, J-50, J-100 is available on request.