Thickness gauge K-50

This analogue reading gauge has robust construction for a long service life. Sturdy and ergonomic handle wIth safe grip.
It is available with lifting device instead of pressure lever with same technical specification. When not in use the contacts are closed. This style has the advantage that the contact pressure of 0,5 N is applied independently of the user. Plane contacts with special diameters of up to 56 mm are available.

Thickness gauges K-100, K-200, K-300, K-400

Thickness gauges K-100, K-200, K-300 and K-400 have the same form of throat only depth is different according to the models. The use of aluminium for the body of the instruments makes them light and easy to handle. A mounting device makes it possible to use them as table units. Model K-200 and larger ones possess a lifting device thus the con-tact force is independent of the user. Specials with increased or reduced contact force are available on request. Model K-300 may be ordered with extended measuring range of 50 mm or 80 mm and readings 0,1 mm resp. 0,01 mm.
The models K-200, K-300 and K-400 may be supplied with weight instead of spring.