SG300 A

Conventional analogue bench-top gauge graduated in 0,1 mm .
SG 300 is designed to be held in either hand, leaving the other free to insert the material to be checked.
The exclusive frame presents the dial indicator in the line of sight of the operator consequently providing the optimum reading position; dial can be read without tilting the instrument and without danger of error due to parallax.
The triangular shaped frame is ergonomically designed to give perfect balance and is able to measure soft materials to a greater depth rolling it in the space. Throat depth is 300 mm.
The strong frame confers increased consistency of performance over long time use.
All units have a calibration certificate. Calibration through electronic testing equipment is more precise and allows the gauge to be reset to original parameters.
Additionally the base of the frame can be bench mounted (with optional clamp) or to stand upright when not in use.
SG 300 compliance to international standard ISO 2389:2002 (Measurement of Thickness of portable equipment) is close but not complete, as on SG 300 the anvil is at a slight angle (not flat horizontal) as set out in the standard. This makes very little difference to results obtained; the gauge has a maximum variation from the ISO standard of only 0,03mm.
Weight: 1,3 kg

Also available the Digital Model SG 300 D – See relevant brochure