Spessimetro Calati

Classic and well-know tools whose features are same as Soraco’s. Available sizes: 25 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 450 mm.
Plane contacts (12 mm), round and large (15 mm).

Maintenance of decimal thickness gauges

1 – Cleaning and lubrication
Cleaning and/or lubrication are more or less required in relation to the place where they are used. For example:
– Liming department
– Chrome tanning dept. (acids)

2 – Suggestions
2.1 – Clean the gauge with a dry brush every night, after having worked all the day long, or dry it with sponge and cloth if wet. Please never use compressed air.
2.2 – Keep thickness gauge hanged to the wall with dial downward to avoid glass breakage.
2.3 – Every 2 / 3 days (twice a week) lubricate it with 1-2 drops of lubricating oil: pour it on the contact, open and close the lever softly, at least 10 times in order to allow the oil to penetrate upon the contacts and into the mechanism.
Only and exclusively if the thickness gauge is very dirty – encrusted as used in lime departments: it is necessary to apply in the night 2-3 drops of “SVITOL”    (which is a solvent for rust and at the same time a lubricating solution). After this repeat same operations as explained under point 2.3.