This test equipment is intended to submit touch and close fasteners to repeated opening and closing cycles to simulate use. The touch and close fasteners subjected to these cycles are intended to be use in subsequent physical tests intended to measure the residual mechanical strength characteristics.
The equipment comprises two drums one on the top of the other:
– the bottom drum is 110 mm wide and 160 mm in diameter;
– the top drum has the same width and 162,5 mm in diameter.
The bottom drum rotates at a constant speed and the direction of rotation is automatically reversed every 30 seconds. The rotation of the bottom drum is transmitted to the top drum by the physical contact of the touch and close fasteners. The two drums have a slot to receive the ends of the test specimens and a suitable tensioning device, after inserted the test specimen is submit to a variable weight according to the effective width of the touch and close fastener in order to apply a constant load. The number of cycles is programmed in a digital controller.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standard: SATRA TM123; EN 1414/A1
Power consumption: 300 W
Noise: 60 db
Power supply: 220 V.AC – 50/60 Hz