Vertical flammability tester 392EVertical flammability tester 392E

Instrument to determine the flammability resistance of textiles and the flame propagation rate onto VERTICALLY oriented textiles materials. Suitable to test:
• Protective fabrics
• Technical and Industrial fabrics
• Apparel and Furnishing fabrics
The instrument can be also used with toys and both natural and artificial leather.
A PLC mounted on the tester controls and records the movement of the burners, the distance of the same from the samples, the flame propagation time from one set to the other. The PLC has a RS 232 serial port for connection with a PC (optional), for the printing of test results. The instrument is available, as optional, complete with a ‘radiator’ to analyse the flammability resistance of the materials exposed to the heat of a radiator, as required by the EN 13772 Standard, a related frame and a piece of standardized cotton fabric.

EN ISO 15025, EN ISO 6940, EN ISO 6941, EN 13772, EN 1101, EN 1102, EN 1103.