The ‘BALLY’ permeometer is used for testing the impermeability of all kinds of sole leathers under dynamic conditions corresponding closely to those met in practise. The test piece is repeatedly bent and laid flat again under load like a shoe sole in walking, while into contact with water on one of its side. The water penetration through the test piece is reported by an acoustic signal.
With this equipment the following values can be determined:
a) Penetration time – the duration of flexing (in minutes) which is just sufficient to cause water to penetrate through the specimen from one face to the other;
b) Water absorption – the percentage gain of weight of the specimen due to water absorption during one or more specified time intervals;
c) Water penetration rate – the mass of water transmitted through the specimen from the face in contact with the water to the other face during one or more specified time intervals.

Supplied with: operating instructions; conformity/calibration certificate; press knife
Standards: EN ISO 20344:7.2; SATRA TM220; IUP 11; EN ISO 5404; EN 12746
Power consumption: 400 W
Noise: 63 db
Power supply: 220 V.AC – 50/60 Hz