This test equipment is intended to determine the resistance of a material to water penetration on flexing. The method is mainly applicable to footwear upper outer materials but can be used with any flexible sheet material.
This ‘MAESER’ upper leather waterproofness tester is equipped with four workstations, and has an automatic water detection system.
To perform the test a square test specimen is folded and secured in two V-shaped clamps which have closed ends so as form a through. The through is then immersed in water and the clamps oscillate at a constant speed so that the specimen is repeatedly flexed. The test is stopped at the first sign of water penetration through the test specimen.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate, steel balls, magnet, specimen holders, press knife
Standards: SATRA TM34; ASTM D-2099; UNI EN ISO 5403-2
Power consumption: 400 W
Noise: 63 dB
Power supply: 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz