Whole shoe flexing machine EL-16WEL-16W



This equipment is intended to assess the resistance of completed footwear during repeated flexing, this test is applicable to all types of footwear (SATRA TM92). This machine is fitted also with water tank, allowing to assess the resistance to water penetration of completed footwear during flexing (SATRA TM77).

The machine is supplied in twin station format and the action simulates the flexing of footwear during wear. The angle of flex is adjustable up to 50°. The machine may be used to predict the failure of footwear in wear. It is particularly useful in assessing problems associated with bottom construction. Footwear is clamped to the machine at the toe end using the appropriate toe clamp from one of five pairs supplied. The heel end is secured to the flexing bar. Predetermining counters are fitted and once the appropriate number of flexes has been registered, it will stop the machine so that the shoe can be inspected.
The moving parts of the machine are covered by a hinged guard, which is fitted with the latest safety device to prevent access while the machine is still in use.