EL-17 W
Determine the resistance to water penetration of the whole shoe during flexing. This test is applicable to all types of footwear and allows to assess several important aspects (for instance: materials quality, shoe assembly, bonding, etc).
This dynamic water penetration tester is a laboratory test which flexes the footwear in water contained in a clear polycarbonate tank. This twin-station machine comprises two separate water tanks and two indipendent flexing mechanisms. Each station has an independently controlled air cylinder to raise and lower the footwear in and out of the tank. A pre-determinated counter enables the machine to be left unattended. When the preset count is reached the footwear will rise out of the water. This equipment is used to test all aspects of the footwear; including the materials, construction, seams and sole bond. The same machine can also be used for testing the effect of protective coatings applied to footwear.
All moving parts requiring access are protected by a fully interlocked safety guard ensurig that the machine is conforms to the European latest safety regulations.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: SATRA TM230, ISO 20344:2011 (Clause 5.15.2: Dynamic footwear water penetration test)
Power consumption: 30 W
Noise: 60 db
Power supply: 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz – Pneumatic air 6 bar