Veslic tester is intended for determining the behaviour of the surface of a leather on rubbing with felt (dry or wet).

In this test the felt may become more or less coloured through transfer of any kind of coloured matter, e.g. finish, pigment, dyestuff and buffing dust and the colour and surface of the leather may become altered.
The machine allows to install the rubber chafing elements in order to assess the abrasion effect of soling materials on upper materials according to VESLIC C-4505.
Rub fastness is measured using Grey scale ISO 105-A03 for colour staining and Grey scale ISO 105-A02 for colour fastness.Equipped with a pre-settable 6-digit counter.
Models :
EL-83 single working station
EL-83/2 two working stations with a single cycle-counter
EL-83/3 three working stations with a single cycly-counter
EL 83A with ironing element to conform to IUF 458 standard

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity certificate/calibration
Standards: IUF 450: SATRA TM173; ISO 11640; EN ISO 20344:7.3; EN 13516; DIN 53339.
For mod. 83A only IUF 458
Accessories (on demand): Grey Scale ISO 105-A02, ISO 105-A03, white felts and black felts (IUF 450).
Rubbing chafing elements and Abrasive paper (VESLIC C-4505),Soft PVC strips C4420, IUF 442.
Power consumption: 350 W – for mod. 83A: 400 W
Noise: 62 dB
Power supply: 220 V AC – 50/60 Hz