The perspirometer is suitable to perform three different tests of colour fastness to perspiration on leather and fabrics.


  • IUF 421 (ISO 11642);
  • IUF 426 (ISO 11641);
  • IUF 442 (ISO 15701);
  • ISO 105 E01 – E02 – E03 – E04;
  • ISO 105-X10;
  • ISO 105-X18 (Ingiall. Fenolico);
  • BS 1006;
  • AATCC 15-106-107;
  • IWSTM 6-174- 175;
  • M & S C6-C7;

Incubator Cabinet 51U/M 
Natural convection heaters from +5°C over room temperature to +80°C.
Organic materials usually worked in typical laboratory applications need a constant and a very mild heating.
The distribution of temperature in the incubator utilizes the natural convection only, there is no forced air circulation, so the stress to the sample is avoided and its uniform growth allowed. The glass window framed in the spacious door assures the continuous view of the samples inside the booth without opening the door, avoiding heat dispersion and temperature changes. Efficiency, low energy consumption and constant temperature control are the key features of the new incubators.