Determine the compression set of a material, this is a measure of retention of shape and elastic properties. This test is mainly applicable to solid and cellular footwear solings materials, but can be used with any type of compressible material.
During walking footwear solings are subject to constant compression forces and deformation due to the flexion of each step that originates a temporary increment of the area. After the compression the area returns to the initial value, however if the solings are lightly plastic they don’t recover totality and the suffered increment is retained originating deformation. Laboratory tests make possible to preview the behaviour of deformation of solings, dynamic tests allow to apply repeated forces of deformation and simulate the use of the footwear, however useful information can be reached of simple tests that submit the specimens too. This test equipment allows to compress the sole and afterwards measure the loss/increment thickness/width increment. For execution of the test specimens of the material are introduced between plates compressed by springs and subjected to a certain force abd certain space of time. Through the use of spacers several specimens can be tested at the same time. The thickness of the specimens is measured before and after the test to assess the compression resistance.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity/calibration certificate
Standards: SATRA TM64
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