Evaluate the changes in dimensions and in cushion energy of a specimen after a prolonged period of dynamic compression, this test is applicable to all compressible materials.
The dynamic compression equipment subjects the test specimen to repeated rolling-shear forces. During the test the idling compression roller is rotated about a point 75 ± 1 mm from axis of the roller at a speed of 60 ± 15 revolutions per minute. A suitable system ensures a force of 270 ± 20 N between the roller and the test specimen during each impact. The specimen holder is suitable rigid surface so that the roller briefly impacts the specimen and pushes it away by approximately one millimeter once during each rotation. At the end of the test the percentage change in area and thickness of the specimen during the compressive cycling is assessed though a suitable formula and the cushion energy is evaluated on the tensile machine.

Supplied with: operating instructions, conformity / calibration certificate
Standards: SATRA TM159
Power consumption: 400 W
Noise: 64 db
Power supply: 220 VAC – 50/60 Hz